A large well managed database of guests will become your single most valuable asset, best investment and biggest source of lifetime income.

On every given night 62% of the people in your restaurant are there due to word-of-mouth referrals….why not make them your salespeople?  They are your most valuable asset! That’s why it is imperative to send a personal invitation directly to your customers.

Each of your guests has the potential of referring 52 other guests, according to a recent National restaurant study. So thank your guests for their visit and ask them to bring back more friends.  Acknowledge their birthdays and anniversaries.

Our on-going guest analysis shows that "WORD-OF-MOUTH" advertising is the number one reason customers frequent a particular restaurant.

This program is all about communicating with your customers by gathering guest information and systematically mailing invitations and specials promotions for special occasions. 

You cannot quantify nor afford expensive TV, radio or billboard advertising. 

You need a permission-based marketing program that costs less, is more effective, and builds profit for your restaurant. Our database program is targeted to your customer base. 

This economically turnkey program is easily implemented by your staff and all you do is collect the customer data. We do the marketing while you run your business!


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